please pray

Thank you for supporting us in prayer...

  • please pray for kindness among our children (ship kids in general...and specifically the 3 Cash Kids) - we really want them to be nice to each other and to others!
  • please pray for our last few months onboard the Africa Mercy - may we serve well, finish well and leave good notes for those that will be here after us
  • please pray for us as we prepare to transition back to Columbus.


Pray that every thread of this organization is anointed as the Lord weaves it all together.

Please pray for us (nick and dianna) as we help care for our crew.  We want to love and serve well - with wise counsel and caring hearts.

Please pray for our community - it's tough to live, work, play and pray (and everything else) in such close quarters.  Pray especially for long term crew -- may we not grow weary in loving one another and seeking to live in unity and peace.

Please pray for our children - and specifically for their friendships onboard the ship.  Please pray for kindness, consideration and laughter to abound!

Pray for unity and peace for the crew - especially in the midst of the changes that are ongoing.  Pray for spirits of joy and kindness -- and a willingness to prefer others.

Eli, Caroline & Emma as we seek to help them become the children God wants them to be.  Please pray for spirits of obedience, joyfulness, helpfulness & willingness.

Our families -- May hearts be at rest in knowing that God is in control & His love for each of us is REAL.  May this entire process lead others to a deeper connection to, longing for and communion with God.

Continued Financial Support.  We trust God - He has always been faithful and we know He will continue to be faithful.

Excellent connections with our family/friends/supporters back home...we want to share our lives well and keep our lives connected.

Authenticity and connection with the people we're meeting here on the ship and a willingness to connect with others - even if  they are only onboard for a few weeks.

For open lives ready and willing to receive whatever it is that God wants to give - today...and tomorrow...and always.