09 September 2016

smorgasbord - benin, screening, set up and open house!

For your reading and looking enjoyment: a few pictures, 2 links (alongside the first 2 section headers - click on them, you'll be glad you did...but you may need tissues if you read Kayla's) and some 6 word phrases (a smorgasbord of treasure and delight!).

  • Colorful, zemidjan filled, beautiful, beloved Benin.  
  • So very thankful to be here. 
  • Much to be seen, tasted, smelled. 

Screening -- Kayla's thoughts
  • Heart achingly breakingly beautifully tough work.
  • Thousands lined up...hope is rising. 
  • Wish we could help them all. 
  • Well done good and faithful screeners. 
  • Each form represents possibility: life change.

Hospital Set up
  • Before and after, what a difference.
  • Hours of cleaning, unpacking, setting up.
  • Every moment an act of worship. 
  • Getting it ready for honored guests. 

Hospital Open House
  • Hands on learning is the best.
  • Such fun happening on deck 3.
  • Injections, surgeries, sutures and lab work.
  • Maybe we have a future surgeon?

Surely there will be more to come.
(or "Surely there is more to come" if you really want to stick with the 6 word phrases).