31 December 2013

wee Chrissy gift (and other fun phrases)

One of the fun unexpected surprises of living in an International Community is not only getting to be around people from other countries but also getting to hear their phrases and how they word things...

It's fun when cultures collide and intertwine....loveliness is often produced.

It's been interesting to hear new phrases the past year and a half...and then to hear them coming out of our own mouths!

Things like the Australians saying "that's alright" in response to "thank you" in the spot where we Americans might say "you're welcome."
 Or the lovely Brits saying "I'm keen on that."  (read: "I like that.")  And "they get on well" (read: "they get along well.")

A few others we're picking up:  rubbish (trash); lift (elevator); skip (dumpster); bin (trashcan); gaff (office); loo (bathroom); plasters (casts)

Here's one Nick just heard from a co-worker today: "I'm not fussed" - said by an Australian to imply that she had no preference. 

It happened a few weeks ago - we got notice of a "wee Chrissy gift".  What?!  The gift of a small girl named Chrissy?  Nope...it was actually a "small Christmas gift" (though it's not that small at all!) from the New Zealand Mercy Ships team.  They created 
"a MercEgift it's a stunning selection of some of the most impacting digital images from the lenses of our incredible Mercy Ships photographers. This collection of 12 world-class photos will form the wallpaper background (behind the icons) on your computer desktop. Each month a beautiful African or nautical scene is accompanied by an inspiring quote and a thumbnail calendar."
So, in honor of all the New Zealanders (and all the other Nationalities on the ship!) and with the hope that this could be a sweet blessing for you, here's the link to the webpage that could turn your desktop into something inspirational in 2014:

MercEgift of Wallpaper Background! .... Created with joy to be shared with love! (It's on the left side of the page..."free calendar wallpaper").  A wee new year's gift :)

Nautical scenes, inspiring quotes, thumnail calendars...a winning combination if we've ever heard one!

If you do download the backgrounds, we'd love to let them remind you to pray for us and for the work God's doing through the Africa Mercy.  We do our best to keep the pray for us page (above!) up to date with requests and praises. Please feel free to check there from time to time to see how you can partner with us in prayer.  
As 2013 ends and 2014 begins, we are praying that you will know the love and presence of our Father more than ever before.  May the fun and unique parts of the people around you rub off on you....and may the best of you and your culture rub off on others!   

I (dianna) keep hearing God saying (in regards to 2014) "It's going to be good!  Really good!"  There's a tremendous sense that He's got good things in store for all of us.  May it be so!

Surely there will be more to come.