20 May 2017

life lately.

A few pictures from our life lately...we've been...

Talking about transition
what do we want to take with us in our "backpack"? (emma's response:  "i want to take Africa with me.") what do we want to leave behind?

yay duck & yuck duck - so much of life is a mixture of the good and not so good

transition ladder
 Packing things up
priceless possessions (depending on who you ask)

sending luggage with generous crew mates (one of which is going to be living in Columbus soon!!!)
 Making lists and packing more luggage

 Getting sweet notes
 Writing notes
 Having a Cabin Sale

Offering some of the things that we can't take with us to friends on the ship
this pallet star is so special for so many reasons....i was thinking of making it my carry on item. 
Taking down the wall of love
we're so thankful for the family and friends who have walked with us so faithfully throughout our lives - and especially in these past 5 years.
 getting supporter thank you's ready
We're so thankful for peace.  Peace in the midst of preparing to go.  Peace as we think about being back in Georgia.  Peace in the good-byes.  Peace in the packing.  Peace. Peace. Peace.

Surely there will be more to come.