20 August 2015

life right now: 6 word phrases.

No more dry dock (for now).
The ship is in the water.
We are back in our cabin.
It truly is home sweet home.

Immigration is onboard to check passports.
Sea trials tomorrow, praying for success.
Ready for Madagascar, let's go now.
We trust God and His timing. 
Surely there'll be more to come. 

11 August 2015

First Day of School

It was not the first day of school that we were expecting....but it was still an incredible first day of school!

As a result of the ship still being in dry dock, elementary school was held here at the Guest House (Junior High and High School were held on the ship "as usual").  

  • the Mercy Ships Academy is amazing
  • we have some of THE most dedicated, flexible teachers EVER
  • the Cash Kids really like school
Secret Fact:
The somewhat "obligatory" first day of school picture was successfully taken AFTER the first day of school.  Before school started, the littlest one was having a bit of a meltdown - by "bit of a meltdown" I mean a pretty major cry fest where the missing of all things - the ship, "home", Georgia, family in Georgia - came gushing from her eyes.  She was fine exactly 1 second after she "arrived" at school.  But it made for a less than ideal "before the first morning of school" - I had visions of us sharing a peaceful breakfast and praying together and taking a fabulous picture....that's not how it all went down.  Maybe taking an "after the first day of school" picture will become the tradition. 

 More Fun Facts:
  • Emma's class was held in our room.  Gives the word "homeschool" a bit of a different twist.
  • Eli and Caroline are in the same class (Grades 4 and 5 are taught by the same teacher - still separate classes, just together!)
  • All of the kids are given stationary packs - we don't have to shop for school supplies (that's especially helpful when we're in not so developed places!).  One of their first assignments is to label all of their items.  

The sign emma made for the door (the crossed out part is a fire.  She said there should be no fires in kindergarten).
Eli's supplies all labeled and laid out. 
Emma happily working on her first homework assignments (I don't have to make up assignments for her anymore!!). 
Special "First Day of School" after school treat!  Brownie bites and bananas (the Woolworth's quickstop is full of wonderful treats!).  I welcome any excuse for a special snack. 
The first day of school was taxing for baxter the bear (we met Baxter when we first moved onto the ship - he's somewhat of a mascot for the elementary).  
We should have 3 more days of school here at the Guest House (scattered over the next week or so...I won't even go into an explanation about that).  And then - hopefully! - we'll be given the green light to move back onto the ship...and we'll have another first day of school on the ship!

I wish everyone reading this had the chance to know our teachers.  They are all such special individuals...gifted teachers who genuinely love our children!  They invest in them day after day...and in doing so, invest in our family and our community and our world.

As I was praying for our children and their teachers, I had such a strong sense of the importance of the investments these teachers are making in their students - and how these investments will impact the Nations.  Please join us in praying for the Academy - may this school year be one that honors God in every possible way.

Surely there will be more to come.