24 December 2015

Cash Crew Christmas 2015 - part 2

Solomon's Creativity
I saw this picture on facebook - and loved it!  Solomon, one of our crew (the guy in the blue!) created these trees for the Hope Center out of pallets.  Creativity is absolutely lovely! 
Santa Lucia
This is one of the most beautiful Christmas traditions on the AFM!  The roots of the Scandinavian tradition are connected to the winter light festival of St. Lucy, a Christian Martry from the 3rd Century.  (one of the rare times candles are able to be lit on the ship...rest assured, there's a fire extinguisher nearby)
pc: KJ
Decking our own halls: Cabin 6318

Gingerbread House Making
Mad love, huge props and major respect to KJ for making a gingerbread house with the Cash and Dunne kids - that's quite the undertaking.  They had quite the creative result...complete with a story about dinosaurs attacking, santa eating and then rebuilding their house.

 a few of the other "results"

Carols by Candlelight
Monday night we gathered in the warehouse on the dock and got to hold REAL candles!  Some of our crew from the Southern Hemisphere shared this Australian Tradition with us.   It's easy to forget that not everyone's Christmas involves wishing for a white Christmas, fire places and bundling up. Fun fact: the acoustics in the warehouse are amazing!!  

The Australian born (AFM/Malagasy version) "Wiggles" also made an appearance...sorry for the blurriness...they lived up to their name and weren't still
Elementary Students Caroling
The day before their break from school, the kids were able to sing down on the wards in the hospital and share some joy through singing. Then they came up and sang for the crew in mid-ships and shared joy through cupcakes!
More memories made...more celebrations shared...more excitement over the coming of Jesus.  One more sleep until Christmas Day! 

Surely there will be more to come!

21 December 2015

Cash Crew Christmas 2015 - part 1

'Tis the season...and what a special season it is!  This month has been so full of getting ready for and celebrating Jesus' birthday.  Here are some snapshots of Cash Crew Christmas 2015...part 1 of some...

Christmas Cookie Bake
The dough is provided...the cookies are cut and then whisked away to the galley for baking...and then brought back for the icing part.  Definitely a delightful way to make Christmas cookies -- it's all the best parts of making cookies - primarily using cookie cutters and icing them - without all of the not so best parts (dirtying dishes, washing dishes, making sure the cookies don't burn).  (not to mention you get to go home with dozens and dozens of delicious cookies - for the low, low cost of $2 for a kilo of dough!)
A Cash Family favorite....click here to read more about the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas.  The best parts? Every child gets a gift...and the "pepernoten" (a little Dutch gingerbread like treat) that is tossed out to the crowd (imagine candy in a parade).  The songs the kids sing are special, too!
Sinterklaas arrived by Tuk Tuk this year 
The Barr family...Elle's gift (the orange creature!)
was bigger than she is! 

Jingle Bell Dash & Dine
Such a great way to gather and build community (and be healthy!) - running/riding/walking to the port gate with 50+ incredible people...and with jingle bells (and loud singing by one runner)!  And then sharing a meal on the dock....always a delight. 

I'm certainly representing GA well...
I'm not kneeing him...just showing off my socks. 

 Christmas Concert
A delightful evening of music - 4 of the 5 Cashes were a part of the performances! Hopefully the video below will work and you can hear some of the joy that the Elementary Choir shared with us (Miss Katie has talent!).  

Click here to watch!
Christmas Craft Night
This is a delightful evening with plenty of craft options for crew of all ages!  These are samples from the "ornament painting" station -- which was just one out of about 20 crafts available.
We hope this blog post finds you merry and bright...enjoying ALL of the gifts that God wants to give this Christmas season.  

Surely there will be more to come.