11 September 2015

Inspiration from the Academy

Wednesday night the Academy held an "Open House" - it's one of the few chances that general crew members have to come see the Academy and catch more than just glimpses of all the things going on in that sacred part of the ship.  

Instead of showing pictures of the classrooms and teachers (which are fascinating and incredible and most worthy to be photographed!), we decided to share pictures of a few of the Truths and inspirational thoughts surrounding our students each day...

Inspiration and reminders of worth all over the place.  Truth that's good for all of us!

We love the Academy and are thankful for all that is being poured into our children - even through the signs and posters on the walls.

Surely there will be more to come.

08 September 2015

First Day of Surgery - stand with us in prayer

It’s a special day on the Africa Mercy! It’s our first day of surgeries for this field service! 

This morning, as a community, we stood and prayed throughout the ship - committing this Mada 2 Field Service to God and His glory.  We thought you - our family and friends around the world - would like to stand with us and pray, too…

Heavenly Father, we stand together on this first day of surgery.  We are grateful for all the ways you have shown your love and faithfulness, and how these have brought us to this moment.  We thank you for your hand of protection over us and for your continued presence by our side.  We thank you for the part you have called EACH of us to play.  Because each one of us has been uniquely gifted by you, we ask for your enabling grace in our lives, that we may be good stewards of these gifts and use them together as a community unified around you and your kingdom.  May you be evident in everything we say and do, as we work together to provide hope and healing for the people of Madagascar.  We thank you for the Hospital and the many programs through which we desire to serve the people of Madagascar.  We commit each of these programs to you now.  We ask for your protection, provision, and healing for each person who will be cared for in our Hospital this Field Service.  We pray that the seeds of Christ’s love which, by your wonderful grace, we will sow into each other’s lives, as well as our patients lives, and the lives of all those taking part in our training programs, will grow and blossom far beyond our wildest expectations.  May they bring new life and eternal transformation, not just to individuals, but to families, communities, generations and nations around the world forever more.  Now to Him who,  by his power working within us, is able to carry out His purposes and do super abundantly, far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires,  thoughts, hopes, or dreams—to Him be the glory in the  church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen.

And a quote from the facebook wall of our OR Assistant Supervisor, Missy Brown:

The day has arrived.....our first patients will walk into the OR this morning....for most a hope for help/surgery not thought to be possible....now a reality...hope being restored....our prayer for our precious patients....transformation of the whole person... body and heart!!! Thanks for your prayers!!!

Surely there will be more to come. 

06 September 2015

a few more 6 word phrases (6)

Sailing to Madagascar. Tamatave we're coming.
Successful start with an unexpected turnaround.
Headed back out.  No more surprises.
Swell waters...but not too much.
Smooth sailing, beautiful ocean, vast skies.
Whales. Wind. Stars. Glory on display. 
Arrived safely a week ago Sunday.
Dock sweet dock.  Home sweet home. 
Coming into port...what a gift!

 Peacefully and gently tugged into place.
Beautiful weather, calm water, answered prayer.
Crew gather on deck to wave.
Blessed distant reunions with treasured friends.
Day crew send massive beach greetings.
Red shirts and big sign welcomes!
The town we've come to love.
Waves (of another kind)! Jumps! Smiles! 
Tears! Excitement! Joy! Reunions are bliss.
Welcome aboard new crew and old.
Pieces of our hearts in place. 
There she sits. Ready for action.
Gangway is down - shore leave granted.
The hospital will open on Monday.
Surgeries will start. God's love: tangible.
Please pray for life change galore.
Love being a part of this.

No photo credit is due me.
Surely there'll be more to come.